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Kids' Clock

Kids' Clock - educational time telling game and alarm clock nightstand for kids

The Game:
Kids' Clock features a reward-driven game that asks your child to find a given time.
Four levels of difficulty are available, full hours, quarter-hours, five-minute steps and completely random minutes.
In order to obtain medals your child needs to find the right time and Kids' Clock gives it as much time as it needs.
Each choice - good or bad - is being read out. So even if your child makes a bad choice, it will learn the time it selected.
Five right consecutive choices grant you a bronze medal, 10 a silver medal and 15 a gold medal.
On each medal the difficulty automatically increases, but you can select a different (lower or higher) difficulty at any time.

The Discover Mode:
Your child can turn either the hands or the picker wheels - the pickers and hands will adjust and follow. This enables your child to connect the figures with the hands' representation of time. The discover mode features two different pickers, one for the 24 hours and the other for the 12 hour PM/AM mode. This enables your child to understand PM and AM and their relation to the 24 hour system.

The Clock/Nightstand Mode:
Kids' Clock can also be used like a regular alarm clock and works also in background mode when you use another application.
A tap on the alarm clock icon will enable you to set the alarm time by turning the hands or the pickers.
Another tap on the big alarm button will activate the alarm. If the alarm is set, you will see a small alarm clock icon on all screens of the application, enabling you to deactivate the alarm easily.

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