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Foreign languages are vital for the future of our children.
Globalisation and ever-increasing international exchanges are making the mastery of foreign languages absolutely crucial.

Off that basis we decided to create a series of fun-to-use educational applications for the iPad.

If your child shall speak with a perfect accent, then it must be exposed to foreign languages as early as possible so as to familiarize it with sounds which are different from its mother tongue.

Our Easy Reader application offers eight different activities for learning words in French, German, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese as well as Vietnamese and, of course, English. The wealth of activities enables the kids to memorize the vocabulary more easily as the words keep coming back randomly in each of the games.

You child won't get bored and will absorb new vocabulary at lightning speed without making a conscious effort. The application is very interactive and uses visual, aural and tactile memorization at the same time.

Our additional applications, like Lang Memory, Easy ABC and The Chamber of the Rose make this concept accessible to all ages.

The Chamber of the Rose is an interactive fairy tale which lets you read or listen to the story in both German and French at the same time.
Easy ABC, for example, is suitable for very young children and helps them to learn the alphabet in French, German and English.

Lang Memory is an associative card game for the whole family in which you have to match words and images. Lang Memory is available in French, English, German, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) as well as Vietnamese.

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Additional languages are in preparation.

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